Brush That Body – 5 minutes a day to Healthy Glowing Skin

Brush That Body – 5 minutes a day  to Healthy Glowing Skin

Brush That Body – 5 minutes a day to Healthy Glowing Skin

Within the course of a single day, we’re exposed to countless toxins that can take a toll on our health and well-being. Unfortunately, not all toxins are easy to detect: they’re hiding in the skin of that shiny, non-organic apple you snacked on, in the flower-scented soap and shampoo you might have showered with this morning, and in the plastic container you used to pack your salad in for lunch or drink your water. Add to that all the chemicals in the cleaning products and fabrics, plus the dyes and perfumes we come into contact with on a regular basis and it’s easy to see why detoxifying your skin has become such an important component to glowing skin.
Dry Brushing your skin is an ancient therapeutic practice. Including body brushing in your daily routine will exfoliate and tone your skin, slow the skin’s aging process, increase circulation and alleviate muscle tension. Dry Brushing relieves your body of stress because it induces relaxation, stimulates blood circulation, and helps drain your lymphatic system carrying toxins from your body. Stimulating your skin activates natural healing pathways.

Each morning before your bath or shower brush your body to a healthy glow. Start at your feet, brush the sole of your foot first, then brushing up your legs and thighs towards your groin with long strokes. Work in clockwise circular movements over your tummy, and then do your hands, arms, back and across your shoulders. Your skin may redden and start to tingle because you are increasing your circulation in areas of greatest fat concentration. How firmly you press depends on how toned your skin and body are. Go easy at first. As your skin becomes fitter and more toned you will be able to brush more vigorously.

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits:

  • Accelerating toxin elimination
  • Stimulating blood flow and circulation
  • Reducing Cellulite
  • Enhancing lymphatic flow and stimulation
  • Exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells
  • Anti-aging through cell regeneration
  • Stimulating both the sweat and sebaceous glands
  • Restoration of moist, supple skin

Make sure you wash your brush once a month to remove the dead skin cells and impurities.

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