At po•tion, we are passionate about creating and blending botanical formulas that cultivate ageless beauty and holistic wellness using only the purest organic plant-based ingredients from the palm of nature.

Our founder, Patricia Luzi, a certified aromatherapist, botanical healer and practitioner of Reiki and Feng Shui originally started the company to marry her knowledge of botanicals with her zest for non-toxic, sustainable living and has since created one of the most superlative and extensive plant-based product lines on the market today.

Women from around the world swear by her masterful formulas and high level of manufacturing standards to revive, reactivate, stimulate and regenerate their skin and hair.

In spite of her success, Patricia continues to travel the world, researching skin care habits of indigenous tribes and to locate and introduce new oils into the Western market. She has also accumulated many diplomas and accolades in the process from institutions like the School of Holistic Cosmetology in Plymouth UK and from the Mill Retreat Centre in Northern France.

Today through her leadership, po•tion the company advocates the values of sacred commerce, healthy life habits, self-respect, positive rituals and conscious living. All our ingredients are natural organic plant-based, sustainable and ethically sourced and all our formulas are bottled in recyclable glass with minimal packaging to save the environment. We are inspired to change the world one blend at a time.

To Harmony and Sustainability,
Our Founder: Patricia Luzi
Master Formulator, Aromatherapist and Botanical Healer
College of Botanical Healing
Holistic Organic Skin Care Formulation